CBR 125 Clutch Kit - Carbon Fiber - 2007 through 2014

New High Performance CARBON FIBER Clutch Kit - Fits CBR125r models 2007 through 2015

What could be better then our custom heavy-duty clutch springs designed specifically for the CBR125r?

How about combining them with our Carbon Fiber racing clutch?

433% More Grip then our previous clutch kit coupled with around 400% greater clamping force with our custom clutch springs! Finally, a clutch that clamps and locks - once and for all! This is a big leap forward for the CBR125 community!

We've run every clutch out there for the CBR 125r and found that all were lacking in one way or another. Specifically, what we have found is that sustained high-rpm operation, which is common with this little bike, combined with hot engine oil, which tends to occur in the heat of the summer, is a recipe for clutch fade and early clutch failure. The fact of the matter is that the CBR 125r only has 1.3 liters of oil inside and that oil has to lubricate the engine, the transmission, and, lastly, the clutch. On top of that, there's no oil cooler on this bike. All of that leads to a high heat & high RPM recipe for early clutch failure.

We've seen this over and over. For us, we find that any of the existing clutches, up until now, all have one failure point in common - high heat and high RPM. Specifically, going from 5 to 6th on the freeway in the heat of summer under full throttle conditions tends to promote clutch fade and, as a result, slipping, and, as a result of that, early clutch wear. Now the bike is not powerful enough to really show off a slipping clutch, unless it's gotten very bad, but what we've found, over and over, is that once the bike has cooled off, the clutch tends to work reasonably well, and once it gets warm again, the dreaded soggy clutch begins to rear it's ugly head. Speed starts to decrease once more until you're left shaking your head wondering what happened. Climbing mountains at speed becomes harder and harder until you feel very much like you're riding a moped. The bike is just not as fast as it was.

Up until this point, the common industry standard cork-based clutch was the hero. The problem is, they don't like heat and they don't like high RPM. Both of these are conditions that the CBR 125r tends to experience a lot of. This is exacerbated when a user adds more torque to the bike, such as going to deeper gearing.

Deeper gearing is great but it brings with it a couple of side-effects that the stock clutches find intolerable, it increases the RPM further yet, which leads to increased heat, and, as importantly, increased torque. A clutch slips because it can't handle the torque. Anything you do to increase the bike's performance, such as re-gearing, will increase the torque that the stock clutch has to deal with. The clutch needs to be stronger - that's all there is to it.

Last year we designed and introduced a new custom heavy-duty clutch spring for the CBR 125r. These clutch springs make a massive difference in clutch performance because the clutch now clamps with much greater force making it much harder to slip. In fact, we quickly became known for our clutch springs, all over the world, because of one interesting side effect that users encountered after installing our springs - they were now pulling the front wheel off the ground when shifting into second and third under heavy throttle! This proved to them what we had been saying for some time - that the stock clutch on these bikes slips. That's now become common knowledge and we're all on the same page. Don't believe me? Just read the reviews from some of the people who have bought our clutch springs!

The problem is that clutch springs and increased clamping force are only one side of the solution. The friction disks that the clutch is made up of is the other. Last year we asked our clutch manufacturer to make us a Kevlar clutch for testing - and they did. It was good, but Kevlar itself, as a clutch material, was not enough of an upgrade to warrant a change over from the industry-standard cork-based clutch. Ultimately, we were able to destroy Kevlar with heat, the arch nemesis of all clutch linings. And so, up until now, we could do nothing about the friction disks as our choices were cork-based disks and Kevlar. Today, finally, this is no longer the case. Now we can address the friction disk side of the equation as well and create an integrated package that's more properly designed to address the entire clutch issue in one shot.

A few months ago we again contacted our clutch supplier to see if they would help us by bringing out a Carbon Fiber clutch option for the CBR 125r. Once more, they rose to the challenge and sent us off a sample for testing. After several thousand kilometers, and severe abuse in the heat of the summer, I'm pleased to report that there were NO signs of clutch fade when hot, even after spending the better part of 6 hours running at +11,000 RPM with a 30 degree ambient temperature, and a loaded up bike bouncing off the rev limiter in 6th, which, incidentally, is hard on the clutch!

Fast forward 5,000 kilometers or so and the clutch is still biting hard and still clamping when hot. We know from a great deal of experience, if it was going to fade in the heat it would have done so long ago....but, that's one of Carbon Fiber's unique attributes - they are less sensitive to heat and much more tolerant of high RPM. This makes them the perfect choice for our little bike because the CBR 125r tends to live in both of those conditions especially if the bike has been re-geared for more torque.

So now we have a comprehensive solution. Clutch springs that are much stronger then stock, much stronger then the competition's 'heavy-duty' clutch springs, and we can now combine that greatly increased clamping force with a clutch material that not only has a much higher friction co-efficient, but is also designed to handle heat & RPM - the two most common clutch killers.

Have you got Sticky Shifter Syndrome? Soggy Shift Syndrome? Is it getting hard to find neutral? Is your bike just not quite as sharp as it once was? Chances are, your clutch is slipping. If it's getting hard to shift, especially in the taller gears, this is usually a sign that the clutch is wearing out. If it's progressed down to having difficulty finding neutral then it's almost certainly a sure sign that you're heading for a new clutch. Does your bike rev without experiencing a proper increase in speed? That's the clutch slipping. Have you noticed a corresponding drop in performance when it gets hot out or when the bike gets hot?

A clutch that clamps is a clutch that lasts. A clutch that slips is a clutch that's wearing out.

There's no point in addressing a weak link by installing another weak link - you need to install a stronger link and when you can do that at a price that's comparable to installing another weak link, well, that's just a great value for your money no matter how you look at it.

Carbon Fiber does exhibit some tendencies that 'gentler' clutches don't. When breaking in they do tend to chatter a bit during take-off. This usually doesn't last long. Occasionally they will do the same at other times when riding, usually only when really, really hot. Carbon Fiber is like a democracy, it's not perfect, but it's the best system we've got :)

The proper clutch lever free play adjustment for all clutches in the CBR 125r is 15mm. When the clutch is breaking in that measurement will change. It is essential, with any clutch, that you keep the clutch lever free play at 15mm. Once broken in, the free play spec will stabilize and remain more/less constant and will not need to be watched anymore.

Important: Installation of a new clutch in the CBR125r requires two specialty tools, one is the clutch basket wrench, which we currently sell, and the other is a 20mm Honda clutch socket, which we currently do not sell. Usually the socket can be obtained locally from a bike shop. Typically the basket wrench is the tougher item to get. Consider picking up the basket wrench with your clutch order. If you have questions about that side of things just contact us, we can help or direct you to other sources for the socket etc.

Kit contents

  • 4 Custom HD Clutch Springs designed specifically for the CBR125r
  • 5 Carbon Fiber Friction Disks (no steel plates included)
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