CBR 125 Performance Pack

CBR125R/CBR150R Performance Pack – All Years

For 100% Stock Bikes with Zero Performance Modifications

·         Shaves about 4.5 Seconds from 0 to Top Speed (rev limiter in 6th)

·         Roughly 28% Increase in Engine Torque (!!)…

·         Resulting in a Massive Improvement in Acceleration Rate

·         Pulls the Front Wheel off the Ground when Power-Shifting into 2nd & 3rd *

·         Significant Improvement In Throttle Response/Crispness

·         Makes 6th gear actually useful

·         Fixes the Steady-State Throttle/Midrange RPM Surge

·         Increases Clutch Life

·         Recoups Lost Power due to Clutch Slip

·         Increases Fuel Economy

·         Increases Reliability (much higher quality then OEM parts)

·         Considerably Improves Performance on older bikes

·         Complete online HD video instructions along with complimentary technical support through our forums!

·         No Specialty Tools Required!!

      *Dependent on rider ability, a properly tensioned chain, and a clutch that’s not worn out  – along with a decent rear tire and a road surface that has some semblance of traction – in other words, a properly functioning bike & rider J


  • New OEM Damper Set

  • New, Top Quality Iridium Plug

  • New, Top Quality Racing Wire

  • New, Exclusive, High Performance Clutch Springs

  • New, Replacement Performance Sprocket

      These are much better then OEM components and designed specifically for the 125.

Blue Line is Stock Bike w/Fresh Engine Red Line is Same Bike w/Performance Pack

This is a 6th gear dyno run right up until the rev limiter cuts in.

It’s not Just about Performance – it’s also about Maintenance


If your bike is due for a tune-up why not consider installing a Performance Pack instead? It makes no sense to use OEM parts on a tune-up when it will only result in OEM performance. You’re not improving anything – you’re just restoring it to what it was. The Performance Pack improves the bike while at the same time addressing maintenance.

The Performance Pack contains all the components typically replaced in a major tune-up along with our custom world-renowned clutch springs. If you add in a liter of 100% true synthetic oil, and clean your oil filter while you're replacing your clutch springs, then you've done a major service on the bike and it’s good to go for a very long time – all the while enjoying a significant boost in Performance – something that you will not get during a routine tune-up, and, probably for a fraction of the cost. You also get the satisfaction of ‘doing it yourself’ backed with support from us in the event you have any questions or concerns.

The Performance Pack, once installed, is something that’s going to pay dividends every time you ride your bike. It will be like a whole new bike, considerably faster than stock while maintaining the same easy-going nature of the CBR125. It may also increase the re-sale value of your bike. Given two identical CBR125’s, one with the Performance Pack as compared to one that’s stock you have a decided advantage. Your bike is considerably faster and has been improved over stock while retaining and actually improving on Honda’s legendary reliability.

The Performance Pack – it just makes sense.

If you have pre-sales questions about the Performance Pack, or any of our products, feel free to post them in our forum and we’ll get back to you – fast!

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