CBR 125 True Heavy Duty Clutch Springs

CBR 125R CUSTOM Heavy-Duty Clutch Springs

REQUIRED: All bikes & All riders.

  • Eliminate the clutch slip that is common to all of these bikes right from the factory
  • Exact OEM fit for all CBR125R's from 2004 to 2014
  • Comprehensive 1080P installation video* for the novice including free & unlimited tech support!
  • Makes your stock clutch last much longer
  • Regain lost power & fuel economy that's going out the window due to clutch slip
  • A custom solution with much more clamping power then 'heavy-duty' aftermarket springs
  • Designed by a CBR125R rider - not a mass manufacturer's 'best guess' based on a generic 'canned recipe' of adding 10% to the (already weak) stock spring.
  • Makes 'gearing down' to decelerate much more effective because the clutch is no longer slipping
  • Adding more power to your bike with stock or generic aftermarket springs will just overpower your clutch that much more. In that respect, these springs are not optional - they are required and should be viewed as the foundation to build on when modifying your 125R.
  • On my 125R, the front wheel comes off the ground when power-shifting into second and third with these springs (180 pound rider + gear w/good traction) That is a great indicator of the increased clamping power over stock springs...and just how much power is lost with the stock springs.
  • These are the ONLY custom CBR125R springs widely available - all others are generic canned 10% 'ers and many of the e-bay listings for these bikes are the wrong springs that will cause your clutch to fail early!
  • Each kit contains 4 springs - enough for one bike.
  • No specialty tools required - you do not need to change your clutch to change your springs.
  • Inexpensive shipping in a new padded envelope
  • It doesn't matter if you race or are a 'normal' rider - these springs are required to address the stock slipping clutch issue that all of the CBR125R's exhibit. This should be considered a maintenance item.

*For free installation video access you must register on our forums - this is free of charge.


The CBR125R comes from the factory with incredibly weak clutch springs. Because of this, the clutch slips under normal operating conditions. It doesn't matter if you're a racer or an average rider - your clutch is slipping, period. When a clutch slips it wears out faster. The more a clutch is slipped, the faster it will wear out.

The CBR125 shares it's oil with the engine, the transmission and the clutch. A slipping clutch contaminates that oil with tiny pieces from the wearing clutch. This means two things, one, your oil supply is being restricted because your filter is getting clogged with clutch material, and two, you are lubricating your engine and transmission with small pieces of clutch. Given that there is only one liter of oil in the entire bike, it's essential to protect that oil! A slipping clutch also means a loss of power, something these bikes can't really afford, along with a loss of fuel economy because some of your engine's work is being lost due to the slipping clutch. You want every revolution that your engine turns to be translated directly into turning the rear wheel - with no loss in between.

The stock clutch slip issue gets much worse when you modify your bike to create more power. The more power you add, the more the stock clutch will slip. The more the clutch slips, the faster it will wear out. At first, the clutch doesn't slip much, and only under certain conditions, but as the clutch wears it will begin to slip under more and more conditions until it's gone. This is the start of a vicious cycle where the faster you make your bike, the more your speed increase gets eaten up at the clutch and you end up buying new clutches on a regular basis. This is both costly and annoying.

The answer is to increase the clamping pressure at the clutch with true heavy-duty clutch springs. The more pressure being applied to the clutch, the less it will tend to slip.

The commonly available aftermarket 'heavy-duty' springs are only 10% stronger then stock springs. This is because the aftermarket spring manufacturers do not own a CBR125R nor are they familiar with the bike. They just use a generic 'canned' approach and increase the spring strength by 10% over stock for all their springs, across the board, as a way to differentiate their springs from original ones. They then label them as 'heavy-duty'. 10%, in this case, is not enough. In fact, as your bike heats up and cools off due to normal riding the springs will sag and lose tension...

What do they sag back down to? You guessed it, they sag right back to the OEM spring rate which, as we know, is much too weak. You're right back where you started from. Another clutch that slips...just with new springs!

This is why we designed and manufactured our own springs. These are custom springs designed strictly for the CBR125R that address the weak clutch issue with a balanced approach between increased clutch lever effort and increased clamping pressure at the clutch. The result is a CBR125R with a clutch that doesn't slip and is still easy to ride. That means you reclaim lost power, lost fuel economy and your clutch will last much longer.

Our springs were designed by us and manufactured in North America. These are not Chinese springs. They are made to very exacting standards. As such, they are nothing short of the best springs you can buy for your CBR125R. They are;

  • chrome silicon steel
  • shot-peened
  • pre-sagged (to reduce heat-cycle sagging as the springs heat up and cool down)
  • heat-treated
  • and precision ground
  • along with a legal binding certificate of conformity guaranteeing that the springs exactly met our blueprints and the manufacturing processes we specified
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